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Lesson Plans
Google Earth Weather Map Class Management Research
Lesson Plan: Exploring the World with Google Earth (TPT)

This is a beginning interactive geography project for 1st and 2nd Grade designed to integrate technology.

Lesson Plan: Interactive Weather Map (TPT)

This is a weather forecasting lesson for 4th and 5th graders.

MS Agent and Mash

"Survivor" Theme Classroom Management (TPT)

This is a collection of items including handouts, a presentation, forms, charts and coupons/passes  for the 4th through 6th grade classroom.

Lesson Plan: Animal and Plant Research (TPT)

This is a beginning research project for Kindergarten and 1st Grade designed to integrate technology.

My Favorite Animal Mouseaerobics Google Sketchup Student Portfolio
Lesson Plan: Animal Research Project (TPT)

This is a beginning research project for 1st and 2nd Grade students designed to integrate technology

Lesson Plan: Mouseaerobics PPT (TPT)

Kindergarten students practice mouse control while review basic skills.

Lesson Plan

Student Recording Sheet

Google Sketchup: 2D and 3D Shapes


Lesson Plan

Student Worksheet

5th Grade Portfolio Project

Portfolio Template

Animal Research Project Beneath the Sea Research Space: The Final Frontier Hot Potatoes

Use the links on the webpage  to find information about your favorite animal.


Visit the links on this page to increase your knowledge of ocean and sea life.


Visit the links on this page for some really cool information about Space!

Lesson Plan

Hot Potatoes: Interactive Tests & Quizzes

SCUBA Diving in Belize

In this unit, students will explore various real-world applications of different forms of measurement, including time and distance. They will make estimations and calculations. Throughout the unit, students will be using online resources to plan a diving trip.

This lesson prepared by Tamie Dickson. Webpage created by Catherine Douthard.

The Illuminations Lesson Plan is available at:

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Eduweb Adventures

Global SchoolNet Foundation

Kennesaw EdTech Internet Projects

K-12 CIESE Online Classroom Projects

KOL Expeditions

Quest Network Blue Zones Expeditions

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Microworlds: LCSI - Project Library

Quandary: Web-based Action Mazes

Habits of Mind

Habits of Mind Network

PBL Research

Buck Institute of Education PBL

Annette Lamb on PBL  

In-Sites for Developing Creative - Critical Habits of Mind

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

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