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SCUBA Diving in Belize
Dive in for Knowledge!

In this unit, students will explore various real-world applications of different forms of measurement, including time and distance. They will make estimations and calculations. Throughout the unit, students will be using online resources to plan a diving trip.

This lesson prepared by Tamie Dickson. Webpage created by Catherine Douthard.

The Illuminations Lesson Plan is available at:

Lesson 1: Belize’s Barrier Reef

Information About Belize and Ambergris Caye
The Barrier Reef - Ambergris Caye
Belize Information - Scuba Diving Belize
Destination Belize - Sport Diver Interactive

Video of Belize's Coral Reef - National Geographic



Lesson 2: Preparing for the Trip


Weather in Belize City

Online Distance Calculator

Lesson 3:What Time is it in Belize?

Convert It!

Click on "World Time Zones".

Click on "B". 

Scroll down to find "Belize".

Lesson 4: Getting Ready for the Dives

Background Information on SCUBA Diving

Professional Association of SCUBA Instructors (PADI)

Peachtree Dive Center

The Pressure of Scuba Diving - Science News for Kids

Divers Direct

Lesson 5: Ready to Take the Plunge!

Diving in Belize with John Searle

The Virtual Reef - Take Your Dive!

Coral Reef Adventure - Fun Stuff!

Background Information on Coral Preservation

 Coral Reef Alliance
Coral Reef at NOAA
World Wildlife Organization

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